Quick CheckSpell Bundle (Dutch)

Quick CheckSpell Bundle (Dutch) 4.90

Spell-check application for text in English and Dutch

Quick CheckSpell Bundle is a powerful spell checking package, that ensures the correct spelling of your notes in almost any program on your Palm PDA or SmartPhone.

It provides you will notify you of spelling mistakes as you type, and will make suggestions about the correct forms, which you can use to replace the wrong words with.

Shortly it is everything you need to be sure that your texts are free of any spelling mistakes.


QuickCheck will check your sensitive texts from within other Palm programs without the need to interrupt your work.

QuickCheck works in a similar way to the built-in spell-checker of the famous MS Word, which is a part of the Microsoft Office package. Thanks to one of the best algorithms, used in QuickCheck, this tool is able to detect mistakes amazingly fast and underlines them as you are typing.

User friendly interface, simplicity of use and customizable performance and words underlining are just few of the useful features of QuickCheck.


QuickSpell detects misspelled words and suggests correct spelling alternatives. Just select the misspelled word from the offered list and proceed with your work.

User-friendly intuitive interface and customizable performance are other of the useful features of QuickSpell.

Multiple Dictionary Databases Available

Quick CheckSpell supports variety of spelling dictionaries and languages installed at a time.

The distribution packet for each language version includes three rich dictionaries, which are suitable from beginner language learners to professionals, working with most sophisticated lexical structures.

Quick CheckSpell Bundle (Dutch)


Quick CheckSpell Bundle (Dutch) 4.90